KittySpring Waterer 2 - The most cat-friendly water fountain on Earth

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Non-Electric, No-Hassle Cat Fountain

Keep your picky drinker always hydrated with non-electric & whisker-friendly water fountain without having to refresh their bowls. No-filter, no-motor, no-noise glass fountain to keep your cat(s) hydrated with clean water every day.

My Favorite Way To Drink

Licking water from KittySpring’s shallow and wide dish is a pleasure. My adorable whiskers never brush against it and never hurt because of whisker stress!

Enough Water Every Day

KittySpring ensures I satisfy my daily need for a cup of fresh water (0.8 oz/lb) for 2 looong days. Now Mom and Dad don’t need to fill up my bowls and refresh the water in them several times a day. It’s a life saver for both of us!

Pawesome addition to any home interior

I simply can’t stop admiring the sleek design of my new fountain! It can be placed in almost any corner of the house and still look great.

Hard to knock over

I’ve already paw-tested KittySpring. After hitting the light yet stable fountain a few times, it never flipped over! The fountain stands strong against any of my paw attacks. No more puddles of water, I promise.

*Silicon pad is not included *

Purremium, safe materials

KittySpring is made of FDA and RoHS certified materials, which means all of its components are 100% non-toxic, safe, and me-friendly.

Non-electric, just gravity

I never knew what gravity was until I got my KittySpring. Meow I know — it’s a kind of thing that fills up my dish automatically once I lick a few drops … and it never adds to Dad’s bills. Meowgic!

Hard to destroy

The durable materials make KittySpring my long-term water fountain: time and even naughtiest of tricks will never put it out of order.

No need to replace the filter

The built-in stainless steel filter lasts for years. This actually means 2 things: no troubles for me and no extra expenses for Mom and Dad.

Easy to install, Easy to clean

Simply unbox it, fill the bottle with water and place it in any corner of your house. No plugs, no cables needed! Cleaning KittySpring is super easy and super important. Make the dish and the bottle bacteria-free in seconds by simply taking them apart and washing in tap water using a brush or sponge and soap. Everything is also completely dishwasher-safe.

Good for many cats

With its ultra-large dish, KittySpring can serve water not only to one but even two cats. The second cat is often my friend, Max. We just love drinking together from this fountain!