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Freka FaceWear - Reusable N95 Mask (comes with 4 filters)

Freka FaceWear - Reusable N95 Mask (comes with 4 filters)

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Made in Indonesia. This Facewear is NOT designed for industrial use.

“An opportunity for more people to experience FREKA”

Easier breathing for outdoor training with N95 performance. Boost exercise efficiency with optimised breathing resistance.


The Nose Silicon features a ballooning design that adjusts to your nose using Scissor-Movement technology to provide a customized fit for effortless breathing.


Improved durable air mesh fabric for easier breathing and maintenance.

How long does it last?

The outer case can last for 5 years if it is taken care properly. We recommend to change the filter once every 7-14 days (depends on your usage), there are 4 filters in original packaging, additional filters can be bought here.


Outer Layer of the case: 98% polyester fiber, 2% cotton
Inner layer of the case: 98% polyester fiber, 2% silicone resin
Insert: 88% silicone organic resin, 12% polycarbonate
Filter cotton: 80% non-woven filter paper, 10% activated carbon fiber, 10% polypropylene

Size Guide

We usually recommend ladies to choose the small size and medium for men.

Please refer to the size chart and measurement guide below for further details.

[With your mouth closed, measure the vertical distance from the side of your nose where it curves, to the centre of your chin.]

Refer to the photo below, if the length is shorter than 7cm, please choose S, if the length is 7-9cm, please choose M.


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