Clicking Portable Flatware (Classic Style)

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Colour: White

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Country of Origin: Taiwan
Material: 304 Stainless-Steel Spoon/ 304 Stainless-Steel Fork/ Polypropylene (PP) Grip/ Polypropylene (PP) Cap/ Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Hook
Weight: [Single Portable Flatware] around 35g, [A Set Portable Flatware] around 73g
Size: [Whole Storage] Long 100 X Width 41 X Thick 27mm,
[Single Component] Long 169 X Width 40 X Thick 13mm,
[Single Storage] Long 100 X Width 40 X Thick 13mm


Clicking portable flatware possess unique patented design, grip as storage case, well fitted with fork and spoon, maximum space utilization


1. What materials are Clicking portable flatware made from?
The spoon and fork are made of 304 stainless steels, surface is sandblasted which shows a matte fine texture. The grip and cap are made of Polypropylene (PP), the most common plastic recycling system. After a period of time, the components worn out naturally and can be recycled into secondary raw materials and used for other non-food product containers.

2. Can I just buy a spoon or fork? Or both spoons?
Clicking portable flatware is designed as a pair of spoon and fork. You can’t buy a spoon or fork separately, or two of the same flatware.

3. How to clean the portable flatware?
Please disassemble all the components when cleaning the Clicking portable flatware. Do not use scour sponge or stainless-steel brush to scrub the surface as it may cause surface scratches.

4. Is color combination available in Clicking portable flatware?
Sorry, color combination service is currently not provided. There should be the same color in a pair of portable flatware or you may collocate by purchasing two different colors sets of portable flatware.

5. What is the PVD vacuum coating technology used in the black titanium portable flatware?
PVD is the abbreviation of Physical Vapor Deposition. It utilizes low-voltage and high-current arc discharge technology to place a material to another surface of material under vacuum conditions. The PVD vacuum coating possess high hardness and better wear-resistant which can make the metal surface exhibits different colors, production process is safe and produce less air pollution to the environment. To present black titanium, pure titanium is plated with 304 stainless steel flatware’s surface through PVD technology.

Black Titanium Texture X Delicious Street Food Best Companion


Want To Prepare Your Own Eco-Friendly Flatware, But Always Encounter…



Convenient Design, Grip as Storage Case

Effective use of handle grip, perfectly integrated into organized aesthetics, space-saving




Traceless Eating Is Simple

Flatware stored by grip, dirt insulation, eat without burden



Thoughtful Tail End Design, Simple Shape Recognition

With thoughtful tail end design, you can intuitively distinguish the spoon and fork without opening the grip.







Smooth Matte Texture, Delicate Eating Experience

To provide good user experience, every portable flatware has given a great deal of attention at each stage of the design process.





2-In-1 Cap Design

No more clanking sound for portable flatware
Patented cap design forms the fork and spoon into pair
Nudge and turn to use
Can share with your best friends too!




Individual Replacement and Recyclable

The portable flatware is made without glue and composite materials
The components can be replaced individually when they are lost and damaged



Design For Disassembly, 360° Cleaning

The used portable flatware can be disassembled completely
Any groove can be cleaned




Enjoy Delicious Food Without Burden
No More Flatware Sharing

Guilt of tearing disposable chopstick plastic cover, stress of cutlery sharing with strangers You have a new option with the considerations of environmental protection, hygiene and convenience




Food Discovery Journey Companion

Breakfast shop at the alley, braised dish stall by roadside, shaved ice in the market, salty crispy chicken in the night market
The most portable eating utensils