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Name: Poseion Shower Head
Include: Magnetising Filter, Microplate Filter, Combination Filter
External Material: PC, POM, PP
Combination Filter includes Sediment Filter, Chlorine Remove Ball
Microplate Filter: 334 holes
Suitable pressure: 0.5-0.8kgf/cm3
Suitable temperature: 0 to 67 Celsius
Size: 78.6 * 68.3 * 233 mm
Weight: 220g
Country of Origin: South Korea
The set includes a shower head and filter that can last for 2-3 months, click here to get additional filter

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Having sensitive skin & scalp? This shower head may solve your problem caused by dirty tap water!

BT100 is a patented shower head that can transform your tap water into hexagon-shaped ionised water, with 99.9% bacteria removal rate, it is proven effective in reducing skin irritation and scalp issue, perfect for oil removal on your skin, FDA approved!

The only existing third-generation shower head with Counter-spin magnetize filter. BT100 magnetizes an ordinary tap water and convert it to magnetized ion water.

Also, Microplate increases pressure and save the usage of water, while Combination filter purifies contaminated tap water including residual chlorine.

Great Oiliness Removal Effect
Purify Contaminated Tap water
Fine water particle
Provide refreshing waterfall effect
Reduce power and save water!

Make Stronger Water Flow

The microplate filter consists of 336 holes that can strengthen the water flow and make you feel like having spa at home.

Purify your shower water

It purifies your tap water by removing 99.9% of germs and lessen the chlorine residual which harms your skin.

Saves your water bill

BT100 is designed to save your water bill!

Magnetise your Water

Fine water particles by using counter-spin magnetised filter, magnetised water has positive effects on skin moisturizing, exfoliating, and dissolving oils due to the changes in water molecular structure into hexagonal form.

Excellent moisturing effect

Ionise your water moistures your skin and cleanses your pores more effectively, reduce the blockage caused by dust in the air.

Triple Care

Skin Care System

Provide much small water particle than ordinary tap water to clean pores and moisturize them which results in soft and clean skin.


Ion-activated Magnetized ion water has an excellent oiliness removal feature. It reduces the usage of shampoo and rinse while providing moisture to scalp and hair to make healthy, glossy hair.


Excellent oiliness removal effect of magnetized ion water reduces the usage of detergent such as body cleanser and shampoo which pollutes our environment. Also, Microplate from the shower head saves 30% of water usage compared to the ordinary shower head.

Counter-spin Magnetize Filter Feature

  1. Counter-spin Magnetize Filter is a core technology of Poseion that converts ordinary tap water into magnetized water.
  2. This filter consists of an upper circular magnet and three lower square magnets, which rotates at high speeds from 1,200 rpm to 2,400 rpm to produce magnetized water (Ionized water). The upper and lower magnets rotate in opposite directions, creating a powerful ionic activation effect. (The ionization process can be shown through a clear window from the head. And this method is several times the better effect on ion activation than a typical one-way magnetized water generator.)
  3. Ion-activated water from this process is called magnetized ion water or structured water. This change normally requires a strong magnetic field, but it was simply implemented by our “Counter-spin Magnetize Filter”. Studies have shown that magnetized water promotes plant growth and inhibits bacterial growth. It also has various effects on skin moisturizing, exfoliating, and dissolving oils due to changes in water molecular structure to hexagonal form.

Combination Filter Feature

    1. “Combination Filter” is a new concept complex filter that resolves rust removal, water purification, and chlorine removal of tap water at once.
    2. Combination Filter inside the handle removes any harmful substances, including rust and residual chlorine from the old water pipes of each household to help you shower with clean water. Hazardous materials filtered can be shown through the clear window from the handle
    3. Combination Filter can easily be replaced. Once it is replaced, this filter can be used for up to four months depending on the existing tap water condition.

Microplate Feature

    1. “Posseion BT100” sprays magnetized water from the microplate which provides a powerful water-saving effect and raise water pressure.
    2. The “Microplate” has 334 ultrafine holes that spray high pressured water due to the rise of pressure inside the shower head. With this feature, the user can experience effectively raised water pressure that you were not able to experience from ordinary shower heads. This gives the same refreshing effect as the “Leonard effect” near the waterfall.
    3. Also, ultrafine holes from the “Microplate” save 30% to 50% from the existing shower even if you take the same shower at the same time.

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