CREEB - Beer Cream Milky Maker

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Designed in South Korea, CREEB creates foam on top of your beer in 5 seconds by using ultrasonic wave that vibrates 40,000 times per second, making the foam not only makes your beer taste better by creating micro-foam, it can also transfer the bitterness of the beer into the foam. The CREEB case is made by walnut wood, which blends into your furniture perfectly while upgrading your beer to taste better. The CREEB Base only weight at 70g, makes it easier to bring on-the-go!

Origin: South Korea
Material: wood,ABS,PC
Unit Size: 210.0 * 95.0 * 200.0 mm
Unit Weigh: 350g
Includes: CREEB Base, 2 x Cups

Anytime, anywhere, creamy beer bubble maker.

The important part of beer is its foam!

Bubbles protect the taste of beer and prevent it from becoming stale.

The ultrasonic vibration sensor vibrates
40,000 times a second to make delicious and dense bubbles!

How to use considering convenience!
It's very simple!

โ‘  Remove the battery cover of the main body, and insert the AAA battery into the + and - poles.
โ‘ก Pour beer into the glass, please.
โ‘ข Put it on the CREEB milkie maker body and press the cup.
โ‘ฃ Delicious creamy foam! Please make as much as you like.

1. Insert Battries

2. Pour the beer

3. Gently press on the CREEB maker

4. Serve in 2-5 seconds

Here are four advantages of CREEB.

1.Anytime is fine according to the beer glass.
Bottle, can! Everything's fine.

There is nothing impossible for CREEB.
It's always good as long as you pour it into a dedicated cup.

2. Anytime, naturally on the table.
I thought it was a wooden cup holder.

You don't have to take it out uncomfortably.
With a CREEB milkie maker and a dedicated cup, anytime, anywhere!

3. Use it conveniently.
Just pour the beer and put it on top!

All at once, no unnecessary process!
Just press it and the cream beer is ready!

4. Creamy bubbles and lights!
You can create a subtle atmosphere.

If you turn off the lights and make it, you'll get a gentle impression!

As much foam as you want! As much as you want!
It's creamy every time you press it!