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Alpaka Stealth Belt: Magnetic Anti-Theft Travel Belt

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The Stealth Belt is a high-tenacity modern belt made for everyday life and outdoor adventures.

• Magnetic Fidlock buckle - Quick-release German-made magnetic buckle.
• No holes & no flap - Unlike leather belts, the belt will last longer and won't dig holes into the belt. Clean & sleek look.
• Simple, lightweight & comfortable - Easy to adjust and with no moving parts, this belt achieves a minimalist look with ultimate durability.
• Comfort First - The magnetic buckle is lightweight and extremely easy to use.
• Weatherproof - The high-strength polyester webbing won't get damaged when soaked. The buckle is also rustproof.
• Fully adjustable - Easy to adjust & slightly elastic.
• Modular - Compatible with our modular accessories.
• Strong & Durable - Holds up to 100 kgs of force.
• Antimicrobial coating: Treated with anti-microbial technology that combines advanced silver nanoparticle technology to inhibit the growth and persistence of microorganisms on the fabric surface.


• Belt Material: High-tensile Polyester + Elastomer
• Weight: 110 Grams
• Magnetic Fidlock Buckle
V-Buckle 40 Male / V-Buckle 25 Female
84.5mm x 33mm x 48.5mm


Is the belt waterproof?

 The belt can be soaked in water and the parts and materials will be completely fine and will not rust.

Is the belt washing machine proof?

The belt is not washing machine proof. However, it is easily washable with a wet cloth or wipes as well as mild soap for heavy stains. 

What size is the belt?

 The Stealth Belt is a one size fits all belt that can be used for waists ranging from 24" to 38".