Allocacoc Notebook Modular A4

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Modular Colour: Dark Grey & Black

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About The NoteBook Modular

The era of the standard notebook is over. It's time to wave away the hassle of tearing out pages and running out of them. The NoteBook Modular introduces a new way to write, sketch and soar. Its magnetic borders allow users to replace paper easily and efficiently. This notebook is one that will be by your side for life and, like a trusted partner, will make your life easier.

Introducing the notebook re-imagined: the NoteBook Modular


What makes the Notebook Modular so different? Here are the following features:

Feature 1: Endlessly reusable due to magnetic clips

Blending a sharp design with perfect functionality, magnets are embedded into the Notebook covers ensuring its flexible usage, securing the documents, and enabling the compatibility with various sizes of papers. Now you can use the Notebook freely without worrying about valuable contents falling out.

Feature 2: Modularity and flexibility

It's a peace of mind. Simply add or reduce paper according to your needs. The maximum quantity goes up to 100 pages; 50 on each side. Exchange, arrange, re-arrange, and distribute your thoughts, sketches and plans, without disrupting the flow and quality of your notebook.

Feature 3: Compatible with standard paper

You don't need to go to the store to buy special paper. You can find standard paper everywhere, for example A4 paper/US letter in your printer.

Feature 4: Hard Cover

You can make notes in every position and anywhere. Laying down on your soft bed, standing or while traveling.

Feature 5: Superior writing comfort for both lefties and righties

You are not obstructed by a binder and you can place all your writing sheets to the left/right side.

Feature 6: Lies Flat

Get a smooth writing surface every time, whether you write or sketch. To get the perfect angle, you can orient the paper to your needs, without turning your entire notebook.

Feature 7: Customizable Templates

You will get a free set of our templates (A4/US Letter). These are downloadable on our website. Any suggestion for other templates to customize your own NoteBook Modular is also possible.

We will include 85 pages divided over 8 (or 7 for countries that use inch) different templates that will fulfill all your note-taking needs. If you need more templates, you can simply download any of the templates from the links below. Print these out, and add them to your NoteBook Modular!

Feature 8: Stick it onto any magnetic surface

Stick the notebook to your fridge, whiteboard or other magnetic surfaces to keep your notes at reach!