Japan Bruno Toaster Grill- Double-function Table Oven and Grill

Japan Bruno Toaster Grill- Double-function Table Oven and Grill

Kitchen is a gathering place for friends and families. This is where memories are made and seasoned by love. Thus, food preparation should be simplified and easy as happiness should be created within.

I have come across a cute, miniature yet convenient 3-in-1 Toaster Grill made in Japan. The Bruno look nothing like a toaster, or an oven, probably little like a grill, but it replaces three appliances with one. The design was outrageous and appealing by adding a splash of vibrancy and colour while still being practical.



We might not associate bread or do any diet like the Japanese, while toaster ovens are an essential part of Japanese home kitchen. For being this case, the concept just came to this realization. Their housing space is premium, so the functionality of the Bruno extends beyond the obvious by including grilling meat, vegetables, toast sandwiches, and etc. Hence, Bruno Toaster Grill allow us to toast our breakfast, make a simple lunch box or even barbeque on dinner table. As such, this toaster grill may cover most of the house cooking needs in to one complete handy equipment.



The Bruno comes as a clamshell appliance with a lid that hinges back when open it. There is heating coils on the base and on the lid where it able to function just like an oven by choosing which heating plate to activate. Moreover, it can work as barbeque grill for small gathering. Open the lid, fire the lower coil, and it help to grill all sorts of food just like impromptu grill. Meanwhile, close the lid and activate both heating coils then we have a toaster that toasts breads kept horizontally.



In conclusion, this smart cooking equipment created by the Japanese replaced most of the basic cooking utensil which provide a clean and tidy kitchen area. On the other hand, the superb visual design, much thanks to usual Japanese approach to household aesthetic. Now, our breakfast table, lunch meeting or dinner parties will never be the same.
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Source: https://www.japantrendshop.com/bruno-toaster-grill-p-4397.html
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