Meet Effie - The robot claims to do all your ironing (NOT FOR SALE)

Meet Effie - The robot claims to do all your ironing (NOT FOR SALE)

Ironing your clothes is a pain. While it's less of a drag than folding laundry, it's still a hassle. 

Start up Effie plans to take the sting out of this chore with its self-titled gadget, the Effie. The £699 (that converts to about RM3800++ in Malaysia) Effie can press and dewrinkle up to 12 garments at once, automatically. According to its designers, the appliance can also dry wet garments and remove odors lurking inside them.

You can use the Effie to perform quick touch-ups of clothing before running out the door, too. It can also handle delicates. Just place whatever you want to wash inside the Effie, and, the company says, it will steam and refresh the fabric. 

How the Effie works

A flat machine that's about as tall as a typical bookshelf, the Effie contains a fold-out rail with slots for multiple clothes hangers. The hangers, 12 in all, are custom made and built to handle garments of various sizes. 

Inside the Effie shirts, tops, pants etc. are hit with a combination of steam and heat. Simultaneously the Effie's pressing system eliminates creases in their fabric. Effie is built to tackle cotton, silk, viscose rayon, polyester, and denim.

There's only one physical control on the Effie, a start button on the top of the machine. The Effie will also communicate with a mobile app to provide progress and status updates you'll be able to view on your phone. The app will serve as a marketplace as well to order optional fragrance pods. The pods are for adding extra aroma to pressed clothing.

Visit manufacturer site for details.

Posted by Brian Bennett in CNET

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