This innovative collection of FORREST has won Vogue who’s on next 2017 (Thailand). Each of the unique design gained worldwide attention.

The concept of the bags came from three types of materials to represent three types of nature. Inspiration naturally derived from characteristics of human. It says, people can be lively like leaves hanging from tree, or simply classy like wood and while some people are elegant like stone. Each of the designs come in three sizes, mini backpack, shoulder bag and normal backpack.


The bag manufactured with real leaves which well-preserved with scientific methods that gives great texture. Bauhinia Aureifolia is the name of the Thai leaf used. It has detailed structure with various shades of colour. 


Rose wood has selected to develop on the bag as it provides elasticity and flexibility. Unique texture of wood was sewn together with fabric and leather without any traces or crack.



Stone bag contained silver stone that furnish with sparkle and rough texture. Smart technique adopted has retained its attributes yet able to avoid uneven structure on bag.


"Each of the bag has own unique serial code. Each of them is different and distinctive. However, they can be functional compared to normal bag. "



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