Autowater Pro

Autowater Pro

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation. Could it really be possible that almost every invention provides an easier and convenient life to us?


Today’s, we have most of our equipment or transportation automate to save more time. Nonetheless, Autowater Pro is a water filter designed to be operated hands-free and smartly fit to any faucet in any household.
We often get our hands contaminated with all types of bacteria and germs. Then, we tend to turn the valve on with our filthy hands which directly transfer the dirt on the valve after washing, we close it again. In the end, our hands still remain contaminated. This product assist to ensure we could clean our hands from germs and bacteria before we touch objects or avoid our food from bacillus. We do not want any germs present in meat, vegetables or fruits that could cause disease like stomach ache right?


What is Autowater Pro?

Autowater Pro is an add on that turns normal faucet into a touchless, smart device. A built in sensor allows simple gesture to activate by swiping hand upward and downward to deactivates it. Therefore, our hand could stay germ-free and reduce cross-contamination. A water filter designed for normal faucets we have at home and make them a smart and hands-free device. It has a built-in sensor on the left side of the device which allows a simple gesture like swiping your hand upward activates the faucet and swiping downwards deactivates it. In addition, this device come with carbon fibre filter that able to filter 100% of all contaminants passing through the faucet.



What does an activated carbon fibre filter do?


Carbon fibre filter act as an absorbent material that deliver high porosity and large surface area. It is commonly employed in filtering applications such as air purification, water purification, and water treatment. It is also being used on gas masks and respirators as an air filter.


Benefits of Activated Carbon Fibre

It absorbs organic chemicals and chlorine

• It purifies at the molecular level

• It improves water taste

• It makes your water safe for drinking

• Compromise in water flow becomes zero 

Autowater pro was created by a group of designers and engineers with a vision to accommodate a better and healthier washing experience. This simplicity product makes an ordinary faucet at home into simple, safe and smart device which is perfect match for modern life.


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