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Carpio 2.0 - Truly ergonomic wrist rest

Carpio 2.0 - Truly ergonomic wrist rest

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Work Hard, stay healthy

Carpio 2.0 works on all kinds of surfaces. Soreness and numbness in the hadn't is caused by use of computer mouse. Carpio 2.0 can reduce your wrist fatigue.

Unlike conventional wrist rests that apply pressure to the Carpal part, and therefore compress the tissues and slow down the blood supply, Carpio reinforces pressure to the thenar and hypothenar part of the palm.

Elegant yet ergonomic design lifts your wrist for about a centimetre to reduce the harmful extension and improve you wrist position.
Silicone pads offer a perfect balance between comfort and stability.
PTFE (teflon) feet don’t constrain your wrist motion, they enable Carpio to glide together with your hand and allow your arm to move naturally.

• Designed with physicians
• Designed in Europe
• Award-winning innovation
• For every mouse
• Work best with Deltahub Deskpad


How soft is Carpio?
Just enough to be comfortable and stable at the same time. The pads are rubber-like: flexible and soft to the touch but not as soft as memory foam for example because the softness isn’t as essential for ergonomics as Carpio’s shape.

Was it really designed with physician?
Yes, there were different medical specialists involved in the development process throughout the whole year. The main one was Marko Mikša, MD, who worked with Carpio's team as a part-timer for a year. He has experience in Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic Surgery, and Burns (including Carpal Tunnel surgeries).

How is Carpio different from other wrist rests out there?
Now this is an important one - significantly. In most cases, other wrist rests like gel pads don’t provide any significant ergonomic benefit and usually increase the risk by:

1. Applying the pressure to the underside of the wrist, or carpal tunnel to be more precise, and compressing the tissues, slowing down blood supply...
2. Fixing your wrist position, which causes additional stress for your wrist as you are forced to move the mouse by rotating/flexing your wrist instead of using your whole arm and shoulder (larger, stronger muscles)

And that's why Carpio reinforces that pressure from the wrist to the lower palm (thenar and hypothenar part), so actually, it's a palm rest rather than a wrist rest, and lifts your wrist for about a centimeter to reduce the harmful extension. Also, it moves/glides together with your hand and enables the arm and shoulder motion.

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