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Ögon Designs invented the concept of the smart wallet in 2004 and has continued to innovate ever since with a unique take on the traditional wallet.

The arrival of Ögon on the leather goods market caused a mini-revolution. Being the very first designer wallet made with aluminum, the Stockholm model shook up the market.

It is compact, light and its content is accessible in a glance. Modern and distinctive, the Stockholm card case rapidly became a best seller and has proved hugely successful.

Perfect for men and women, the wallets are easy to find in a women's handbag and fit perfectly in a man's pocket.


Aluminium has many advantages : it's light, resistant, rust-resistant and 100% recyclable. Using this material in leather goods is a real innovation.

As an environmentally conscious company, Ögon Designs produces as much as possible locally and bans the use of harmful chemical materials such as lead and nickel, etc.

To ensure excellence, since 2015 ögon products are made in France and assembled in our facilities in Normandy (France).


Since 2012, Ögon's visual identity and new collections have been handed over to the famous French designer Eric Berthes.

The talented designer has already worked for some of the most renowned brands such as Bollinger, Sonia Rykiel, Corum, and Ruinart. He created for Ögon Designs, the Quilted collection, the first wallets ever made with quilted aluminium.


Every Ögon product, due to their aluminium cover, act like small Faraday cages.


They stop magnetic waves and protect cards against demagnetization. Even better, all Ogon models are certified "RFID Safe” because by blocking radio waves, they prevent any chance of unauthorized scanning of your cards or access to your personal information.

By developing this security system more than 10 years ago, Ögon is a true pioneer in this technology.

All Ögon models protect your credit cards from hackers.


Like many trend setters, Ögon products have been widely copied despite many patents and model protections. Some say that's the price of fame.

But the first victims of this plague are the consumers. Indeed, those imitations from China are produced without any sanitary or environmental control and are often dangerous to health.
Only Ögon products provide hardness, reliability, perfect finishing and have a lifetime warranty.

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