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Vinaera Ah-So Wine Opener with Foil Cutter

Vinaera Ah-So Wine Opener with Foil Cutter

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It combines old wine opener and foil cutter two functions. You have never seen the designs in the market. It is convenient that you don’t have to purchase a foil cutter when you want to open an old wine.

AH-SO Wine Opener will quickly remove the cork from your wine bottle without damaging the cork or the bottle. Simply insert the longer prong between the bottle and the cork, then the shorter prong. Once the prongs are inserted, remove the cork with a rocking and twisting motion.


Dimension:122 x 80 x 18mm
Materials:Stainless, ABS

Double prongs cork puller.
Has the advantage of no damage the cork.
Simply Foil cutter.
Please Note:

Keep the tool stay away from children when not in use.
Simply use wet cloth to clean the product.
NOT Dishwasher Safe.

How to use

Control it all like magic

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