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VALL Facial Oil Absorbing Roller Made by Volcanic Stone

VALL Facial Oil Absorbing Roller Made by Volcanic Stone

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VALL Sphere is a new concept Face Oil Remover that completely replaces the existing oil absorbent paper that comes with antibacterial function. VALL is also an eco-friendly substitution that can also remove sweat and dust that sticks on your face after a long day.

This revolutionary beauty tool helps quickly remove excess oil from your face to get rid of that greasy shine. Carefully carved from volcanic stone, this super-absorbent sphere instantly draws oil, sebum, and dirt out of your skin while leaving your makeup perfectly intact. The compact, pocket-size design lets you pop it in your handbag for a hassle-free touch-up anytime you want.

All you need is one VALL to perform everything from oil removal to pore massage care. Washable and reusable – it reduces the use of wasteful blotting paper

Recommended to use not more than 3 months
20g, 9.5 x 5cm

Super absorbent material

Easily remove oil and sebum from your skin, just roll on your cheeks to make your face brighter and less 'reflective'.

It does more than oil absorbing

Rubbing the ball over the skin and it will absorb waste from the pores. As far-infrared is emitted, biological tissues can be activated to delay skin aging and maintain your skin's elasticity.

Oil absorption test

A natural volcanic stone ball made of ceramic that contains millions of porous pores. It makes your skin soft by instantly absorbing waste, sebum, and oil from the skin into the pores.

It can prohibit bacteria growing

Ceramic volcanic stone balls used in VALL are 100% natural products, and anti-bacterial functions have been added due to the problem of viruses that have become an issue recently. Skin problems around the mouth, which are caused by daily use of a mask, can occur. If you use VALL, you can prevent skin problems in advance.

Easy to carry

Designed in compact size, you can bring it with you anywhere without worrying taking too much spaces in your bag.

Oil absorption test

Hypoallergenic test

Anti bacterial test

Deodorization test

Control it all like magic

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