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TOFU | Traveller & Charger - The Ultimate Plug Design

TOFU | Traveller & Charger - The Ultimate Plug Design

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Why is it called TOFU

The shape of the product is pure white, and can be divided into smaller pieces. It reminds me of when I was little, watching my mom cut tofu (とうふ/豆腐) for dinner in the kitchen, and me trying and failing to help out.

The design concept of TOFU is parallel to the philosophy of Japanese aesthetics. Subtle at one glance, as if it does not exist. But if you look closely, you will find the hidden exquisiteness underneath.

| TOFU Traveller |

World's most Elegant

UK, EU, AU, US adapters all in one tiny piece of tofu. There is nothing like it out there.

MacBook Compatible

The TOFU Charger is perfectly compatible with every model of MacBook (e.g. MacBook 15", MacBook 13", MacBook Air, MacBook Pro...) with its smooth ivory finish and its supporting power.

Position-Locked Pins

The mechanical structure makes sure that the pins are locked in place when opened up and folded back. Sturdy yet it is light enough that you can easily call out each type of plug with just your fingers.

Space Reduced

The unique foldable structure allows the plug space is reduced by more than 60 percent. At the same time, it solves the everlasting problem of plug storage.

Compared to Apple

Apple's Travel Set consists of separate individual plugs which are bulky and large, not to mention messy and easy to lose when you are travelling.

| TOFU Charger |

To tailor to a better charging experience for everyone, and not just mac users, we have designed a TOFU charger, a modular design charger that accepts different plug types from the tofu traveller. which acts as a universal travel adapter with USB fast charge for your phone and tablets, simultaneously also for your laptop or other AC charging devices.

The tiny size of TOFU minimizes leverage from the wall to prevent inconsistent contact with the socket. TOFU charger is more than a just USB charger, it’s powerful and adaptable.

And the Special fuseless design guarantees charging safety.


Travel Adapter + Universal AC Charger + USB Charger

Interoperable with TOFU Traveller

When you use the TOFU Charger with TOFU Traveller, it becomes a powerful travel adapter that adapts and charges both your AC device (e.g. laptop and camera) and your USB device (e.g. phone and tablet) at the same time.

Dual Charge, Fast Charge

TOFU Charger powers up both devices simultaneously with USB 2.4A Fast Charge and supports AC devices across 100V - 240V.

Secure Structure

Conventional universal adapters need to switch between multiple pins which cause the structure to be frail and the pins loose. TOFU Charger's swappable plug design guarantees the integrity of the plug structure, no more flimsy pins and loose plugs.

Small Leverage

Additionally, the low profile of TOFU Charger minimizes the leverage when plugged into wall sockets, keeping your charging connection stable and worry-free.

Fuseless Design

It happens. In the case of electricity overload or power surge, TOFU Charger will protect your devices by stopping power transfer. But when you are travelling, there is no time to replace the fuse manually; any charging inconvenience will delay your schedule.

That's why we incorporated the Fuseless Design in TOFU Charger. No need to find a fuse to replace in case of emergencies, because TOFU Charger will automatically recover and reset itself after a few minutes. Additionally, TOFU Charger also includes power surge protection.

| TOFU Combo |

TOFU Traveller works seamlessly with TOFU Charger. The modular design allows you to transform TOFU Charger with pieces of Traveller, assembling according to your situation and location.

Control it all like magic

In a careful selection of products, we bring together tech gears and gadgets of the highest standard, surrounding ourselves with fewer but better stuff. We are dedicated to products that are durable, designed to last .

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