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[√] The Rack Desk Organizer by Zenlet

[√] The Rack Desk Organizer by Zenlet

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A desk organizer to sort your daily routine with spontaneity and with a style.

Are you constantly seeking ways to increase your productivity at work? Have you ever been distracted by a sudden errand while reading and cannot remember your place in a book after are you done with the errand?

If you have been struggling with this, maybe it is time to declutter and organize your desk or workplace.

ZENLET The Rack, your ultimate solution.

It is not only a tool for organizing and decluttering but also an ideal desk companion to express yourself.

Package Includes:The Rack *1 、The Hook *1、 Magnetic Cable Holder *1

The Rack 15’/17'
Material:Aluminum 5052
Dimension:L280mm x W 200mm x D 50mm / L400mm x W 200mm x D 50mm
Weight:547g / 713g
Colors:Space Grey / Silver/ Gold
Designed and made in Taiwan

The Hook
Dimension:L12mm x W 27.8mm x D 17mm
Colors:Space Grey / Silver/ Gold
Designed and made in Taiwan

Magnetic Cable Holder
Materials:Aluminum5052, NdFeB magnet
Dimension:H13.8mm x Ø35
Colors:Space Grey / Silver/ Gold
Designed and made in Taiwan

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Nano Micro Suction Layer l Adhesive to any flat surface

With the suction force generated by millions of miniature suction cups on the nano suction tape, ZENLET The Rack can hold a considerable weight and adhere smoothly to any flat surface even if the surface is porous.

From scattered to Ordered l Micro-organizing is intuitive

Ever wonder why your desk become cluttered with books you have not finished reading, Post-it notes, and your everyday items?

You know you are not good at organizing, and you know it too well that you are in desperate need for no-sweat tips to tidy up your desk.

「√」ZENLET The Rack liberates your imagination of intuitive organizing that it transforms the objects unintentionally hung on The Rack into a piece of artwork.

Slanted Angle of 15∘ Best Solution to Space Efficiency, Ergonomics, & Structural Reliability

After thorough mathematical calculation, we found the angle of 15∘, where it is closest to the vertical, yields the least space enough to store your daily items or documents conveniently.

A Rack with a Style l Express Yourself Creatively

Inspired to subvert the traditional ideas about the desk organizer, we created an off-the-desk rack to help you organize the objects casually clattered on the desk.

Have your own philosophy in organizing and do it with your style.

All-Purpose Hook l Have It Your Way

By storing your most forgotten items such as keys or umbrellas on ZENLET The Rack, you can finally enjoy the experience of intuitive organizing with peace of mind.

Adaptability l Upcycling

ZENLET The Rack is adaptable to take in your items on both sides, either front or back, or your no-longer-in-use organizers to upcycle them.

Secure Cables with a Magnetic Holder

No more bulky cable organizers . The minimalist cable holder has a slot cut down the center that makes it easy to slide in, secure, and prevent your cables from falling off the desk to become dirty and tangled.

A Book Holder and Also a Bookmark

By laying your book on ZENLET The Rack, you no longer have to look for the book you need desperately or to flip through the pages to find the page you read last time.

Radius Corners l Collision Proof Design

The design of rounded corners is not only a tool used to define the shape of an object aesthetically but also a prevention device to reduce the risk of possible collision.

Aerospace Grade Material l Light & Scratch Resistant

Made of the aircraft grade aluminium alloy, ZENLET The Rack is lightweight and works well with many surface treatments.

It has been sandblasted and then anodized to provide sufficient protection to the surface to make it more resistant to corrosion and scratches.


  • Suitable for tables with square edges with the desktop thickness of at least 3 to 5cm to ensure sufficient holding capacity.
  • If the desktop thickness is less than 3cm, strengthen the holding capacity with the included small tool.
  • If the desktop thickness is greater than 5cm, the cord organizer located at the bottom will become invisible.
  • Not suitable for table with round countertop.
  • When disassembling from the table, please handle with care especially when the countertop is coated with veneer.
  • When putting cords in their place through the cord organizer, please handle with care in order not to cause any damage to the cords.
  • Please don’t use this product as a shield unless it is due to unforeseen circumstances.

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