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NIID Neo 2.0 Work Tote

NIID Neo 2.0 Work Tote

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HybridTex was born with the hypothesis of creating a fabric that is lightweight, and durable while strong enough to shape with purpose.

At NIID, we explore furthermore with our fabric technician, and successfully merged TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) with the reinforced ripstop webbing by adopting Heat-fusion technology, that characterizes HybridTex with merging merits of high tensile strength, lightweight, waterproof, and is structurally stable.

Made for bags and packs that you need to carry on a daily basis with outstanding performance.

Dimension: 390mm x 355mm x 100mm
Weight: 0.615kg

Work Tote

Magnetic Closure

Quick-access to main storage

Ingenious upper pockets for small items to maximize the space utilization

Hidden Quick-access Pocket For frequent items

Control it all like magic

In a careful selection of products, we bring together tech gears and gadgets of the highest standard, surrounding ourselves with fewer but better stuff. We are dedicated to products that are durable, designed to last .

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