MOFT Float: Invisible Stand&Case for iPad Pro/Air

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Size: iPad Pro 12.9 inch

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A slim stand&case that provides adjustable height and unlimited angles. Taking your iPad Pro to next-level height and experience.

* Up to 3.15 in Height: Perfect for using Sidecar on the iPad.
* 3 Modes to Switch Among: Enjoy e-reading and sketching with comfort like never before.
* Verstaile yet Slim: Crafted with a built-in stand, it takes up no space when your work is done.
* Floating Mode Usage Tip: Pair it with a Moft bluetooth keyboard, and get the best mobile workstation experience.


Moft Float 10.9" fits for iPad Air 2020 (10.9")
Moft Float 11" fits for: iPad Pro 11-in 1st gen 2018, 2nd gen 2020, 3rd Gen 2021
Moft Float 12.9" fits for: iPad Pro 12.9-in 3rd gen 2018, 4th gen 2020, 5th gen 2021

Height in use when floating: 3.15inch
Weight: 13oz(for 11"), 17oz (for 12.9")
Material: TPU, Glassfiber, PC, Magnets, Aluminium, Alloy Steel, Silicone

Side By Side, The Effective Second Screen

The MOFT Float transfers iPad into a second display for multitasking, or a mobile workstation with the MOFT Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad.

Renew Your Way of Interacting with Your iPad

We created the MOFT Float with an innovative, patented double-hinge structure. Its slim built-in stand elevates the screen to up to 3.15 inches for comfortable viewing wherever you are. Float it when you need it and make it invisible when you don't.

The tallest portable stand&case for your iPad Pro

We hope mobile working can not only be lightweight but also relaxed and comfortable. That’s why we create MOFT Float. With its innovative and patented double-hinge structure, it can elevate the screen to a suitable height with a comfortable viewing angle no matter where you are.

Say goodbye to neckpain

Created with our unique "FLOAT" design, MOFT Float can elevate your screen up to 3.15 inches. It takes home the crown of the tallest portable stand&case on the market, allowing you to work anywhere without neck and shoulder pain.

Mode 1: Floating Mode

With Floating mode you won’t ever have to bend your neck down for hours during extended Zoom meetings, browsing the internet, or even watching Netflix. Perfect for using iPad as the second display.

Mode 2: Stable Mode

Quickly adjust the base to stable mode. Now you can immerse yourself in creation while enjoying a seamlessly stable experience. It is perfect for any creator who wants the most out of their iPad Pro

Mode 3: Portrait Mode

Most stand&case can't offer portrait mode. That doesn't make sense in 2020 since we need a lot of jobs done in portrait mode. MOFT Float is one of a kind that offers portrait mode that elevates your reading experience. Whether you’re at the office, at home, or even outdoors, read and enjoy at the perfect eye level, hands-free.

Your best on-the-go companion

It’s simple to set up – just rotate the hinge to open and fold it down to close, which happens in a slip second. It can be easily slipped into any bag when you’re ready to hit the road again.

Lightweight but durable

The hinge of MOFT float is made by light and solid aluminum alloy, offering a smooth and flexible experience. Even after being open and close for over 8000 times, it's still as strong as the first time. The exclusively designed legs increase all-around stability, while the soft edge materials make it easy to install for work and uninstall to match other accessories.

Tri-fold Bluetooth Keyboard

If you are typing a lot. no problem! We also prepare a kickass keyboard. So that you can build your own lightweight workstation anywhere you want.

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