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KiTiDOT Amusing Collar - Cheerble

KiTiDOT Amusing Collar - Cheerble

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Wearable Smart Laser Cat Toy by Cheerble

Satisfy your cat's hunting need by just giving it an elusive red dot. KiTiDOT Amusing Collar does it, in the safest way, anywhere in the house.

  • Wearable laser cat toy
  • Low intensity laser (Class II)
  • Auto power-off
  • 3 beam modes
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Tailored fit for cats & kittens
Vet advice: At the end of the laser play session, offer your cats some physical toys that they can catch and 'kill', for their mental healthness.

Product Name: KiTiDOT Amusing Collar

Model: C1121

Target Species: Cat

Weight: 29 g / 1.02 oz

Dimension: 340 x 35 mm / 13.4 x 1.4 inch

Battery: Li-Polymer 3.7v 75mAh

Laser Max Output: ≤ 1mW

Wave Length: 635-670 nm

Ultimate Hunting Fun

A wicked red dot that your cat would never figure out how to catch.

3 Beam Modes

Switch among 'Normal, Constant, Flickering' for your cat's different catching experiences.

Auto Shutoff

KiTiDOT turns itself off automatically after 30 minutes of hunting play.

45° Adjustable Angles

Unlock different hunting plays by adjusting how far it is projected ahead of your cat.

Safe Play Anywhere

Don't worry about where to place the laser toy in case your cat knocks it over or gets directly beamed into the eyes.

Cat Friendly Materials

Feel like wearing the smartwatch on your hand. And of course, non-toxicity.

Control it all like magic

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