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Divoom Timebox Evo - Bluetooth speaker with 16*16 App controlled LED front panel

Divoom Timebox Evo - Bluetooth speaker with 16*16 App controlled LED front panel

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Divoon Timebox-evo is the 4th generation of the Divoom pixel art speaker. It's a fine-tuned Bluetooth speaker, a pixel art canvas, a smart alarm, and a versatile tool box. Powered by its mobile application, Timebox-evo will continue to evolve through the software updates, where it brings more excitements and fun into the daily life.


Music Play


Pixel Art


Online Gallery




Smart Alarm


Sleep Aid




LED Editor




Pixel Chat


Tools & Games


Cloud Software



Powerful hardware

Powered by the 4th generation pixel speaker hardware
Timebox Evo is a powerful beast under its modern skin

Fine audio

Powered by 6W driver and latest DSP processor
Timebox Evo delivers a fine-tuned audio experience

Bigger & Better


Community for pixel art lovers around the world
Share, like, comment and interact with each other

Official Channel

The latest and greatest pixel art designs by all users.
Seasonal or pure awesome, we got you covered



Party Tricks

Never cease to evolve
New & exciting ways to draw


Want to further enhance the music experience?
Try the DJ mixer and remix your favorite track with the sick beats.


Smart alarm

14 refreshing alarm profiles
Highly customizable settings
Support self-recorded alarm


24 professional sleep-aid profiles
HQ alpha wave audio tracks
Melatonin inducing lighting

Cloud based software

Continuously updating cloud based mobile app
Future updates to improve the user experience.

Cloud based software

Multi-functional buttons by pressing or holding
The Timebox-Evo is so easy to control



Timebox-Evo is the 4th generation of the Divoom pixel art speaker line-up. Through its modernly designed chassis, it delivers the DSP-tuned fine audio. With the powerful Divoom Smart application, users can enjoy its fun pixel art creation and other massive functions. Auto Sleep Timer great to listen and fun to play. The evolution is here!


*6W speaker w/bass port
*256 LED panel w/16 million colors
*Pixel art, Animation, and text creations
*Online pixel art gallery and community
*48 Built-in sleep aid & alarm profiles
*Social media notifications & many functions
*Mobile application w/continuous updates
*EAN : 6958444602424 UPC : 840500101766


Dimensions: 98.5L x 98.5W x 38H mm
Driver size: 2'' full range
Output power: 6W
Signal to noise ratio : 75dB
Battery Capacity : 2500 mAh
Battery Voltage : 3.6 V
Battery Charge Time : 3.5h hours
Playback Time: Up to 6 hours
Bluetooth compliant: Bluetooth V5.0 smart
Weight: 316g
Frequency Response: 95-20K Hz

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