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[Toys for Pet] Cheerble Wickedbone - A truly smart, fun and excitingly wicked companion (For Dog)

[Toys for Pet] Cheerble Wickedbone - A truly smart, fun and excitingly wicked companion (For Dog)

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World’s First Smart & Interactive Dog Toy

Dogs love bones, but conventional bones are overrated. They quickly evaporate in a dog’s mouth, and they often cause gastric problems and one big mess, without offering any interaction or playing opportunities. Now meet Wickedbone, a bone-shaped interactive gaming device that performs like a truly smart, fun and excitingly wicked companion of your dog.

More Than Just a Bone

The delightfully smart, fun and wicked bone that will keep your dog entertained all day.

Intelligent & Interactive

Wickedbone has two modes for different moments and experiences.

Drive Mode

Use an intuitive app to control the Wickedbone and its 9 available motions.

Interactive Mode

Wickedbone moves all by itself, so your dog is entertained even when you're busy

A Brand New Smart Toy to Train Your Dog

We believe that our dogs need something other than the plate and ball that’s more tech-forward and more fun to play.

With Wickedbone, you could train your dog to catch moving objects and more importantly, deepen the bonds through the interaction.

Easy to clean

The tires of Wickedbone is easy to clean: its detachable tires can be quickly and conveniently cleaned.

Safe, Soft and Strong.

Wickedbone has been designed to be as safe, soft and strong as you want it and as your pet needs it to be. Made of Polycarbonate and TPU, it feels sufficiently soft when your pet catches it with her mouth, or when she touches it with her paws.

The material of the body and the tires are certified, safe for humans and pets. At the same time, it is sufficiently strong to resist the normal impact of a pet’s play time, which means that you can count on Wickedbone to be there for you and your pet for a long time.

Control it all like magic

In a careful selection of products, we bring together tech gears and gadgets of the highest standard, surrounding ourselves with fewer but better stuff. We are dedicated to products that are durable, designed to last .

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