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BORDERLESS Passport / Notebook Holder

BORDERLESS Passport / Notebook Holder

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The BORDERLESS™ Passport / Notebook Holder is the best companion for your passport when traveling internationally and can be swapped out for a notebook for when you're not traveling. The capacity of up to 6 cards and a passport or passport-sized notebook. 100% no-sew, fully bonded / RF-welded construction for a visually clean and simple aesthetic.

* Notebook is not included in the package.

• The capacity of 4-6 cards and passport or passport (B7) size notebook
• Waterproof. It will not get balmy and sweaty after carrying it while biking, running, or other activities involving water, sweat, or another form of moisture.
• Hydrophobic. Water beads off easily. If it does get wet, it will not stay wet.
• Machine wash (cold). If oil and dirt build up over time, you can throw it in the laundry.
• Resists stretching over time: If you carry fewer items over time, these items will still stay put and will not fall out easily.
• TPU coated polyester is vegan and PVC-free.
• Tactile grip texture. It feels great in your hand. It stays in your hand and your pocket during strenuous physical activity. It thwarts pickpockets.
• Unlike stiff, structured, and rigid wallets, our rounded corners and bendable soft material will minimize "x-ray" wear patterns on apparel.
• It plays well with your EDC. Unlike metal wallets, you can rest assured knowing this will not scratch or wear on that knife or pen that's also in your pocket.

• Dimensions closed (inches): 5.51 x 3.85 x 0.28
• Dimensions closed (millimeters): 140 x 98 x 7.0
• Dimensions open (inches): 5.51 x 7.95 x 0.09
• Dimensions open (millimeters): 140 x 202 x 2.2
• Weight (ounces): 1.4
• Weight (grams): 40


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