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Bolo Knife - It's Simplicity At It's Best

Bolo Knife - It's Simplicity At It's Best

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Bolo combines two of humanity?€?s most important inventions to date:
the knife & the wheel ?€? creating the perfect Rolling Knife!



A knife that rolls easily through your food, giving you precision cutting and incredible power, all in one motion!


Traditional knives all have one common deficiency; the force you apply on the handle diminishes as it goes from the handle, through to the blade, and then to the cutting surface.


Perfect dicing, slicing, chopping and mincing each and every time! From cutting carrots ?€? to slicing herbs ?€? to mincing garlic, bolo will quickly become your new favorite companion in the kitchen!

Bolo can stay much longer than traditional knife!

??? The blade is always rolling and not cutting on the same location all the time

??? Much less force to cut food so there is much less wear on the edge

??? It is made of a high grade steel that has a hardness factor of Rc-59 on the Rockwell test, keeping the blade sharp longer


How was bolo designed to be safe ?

The bolo handle was designed with safety in mind at three (3) critical points:

  1. Two (2) inside tabs secure the bottom,??
    2. The folding handle cover, that locks the halves together on top, and??
    3. An elongated pin that connects the halves at the front.


What is best place to use bolo?

Bolo is designed to be used on flat surfaces, such as a cutting board, where you would use a traditional knife.


What is the size and weight of bolo?

The handle is 160 mm wide x 105 mm high, the blade is 140 mm.

The handle weights 120 grams and the blade is 80 grams, less than a tradition knife and bolo feels really light in your hand because of its ergonomic construction and design.


Can it cut meat like it does vegetables?

Yes bolo can. Slice or cube steak, chicken or pork for fajitas and salads. It's a really great slicer of all cooked meats.


Will food accumulate inside bolo's handle?

We?€?ve designed in to the handle ?€?Food Guards?€? to restrict food from going inside. While some food will accumulate inside the handle, a simply rinse is usually all that is required.


How to clean the blade?

The blade is not hard to clean; you hold it between your fingers with a pinch and just rinse it. When the blade has stuff stuck on it like cheese etc. use a sponge ?€? we are going to post videos on cleaning on our web site as soon as the campaign is over ?€? we are planning a lot of great demo videos so if there is anything anyone wants to see just message us and we will include them.


How to sharpen the blade?

A: use caution, hold the blade with a glove and slowly place the blade in an electric sharpener, rotating slowly.


Is the grip cushioned?

The rear of the grip and the side walls are cushioned, the top front is not ?€? designed for safety reasons, many samples were made and tested until we got to this exact design.


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