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Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve

Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve

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apex slim sleeve


The Slim Sleeve opens with a one-handed pinch, and closes with a satisfying click, for access that’s both intuitive and delightful.


The layers of leather in this wallet are die-cut, molded and heat bonded, creating a tactile shape that isn’t possible with traditional techniques.


The pre-molded leather and lack of stitching allows for the most precise fit, keeping your cards and bills securely in place – and your pockets slim.


Despite its sleek futuristic exterior, the Apex Slim Sleeve isn’t without a sense of delight. Open it up to reveal a hidden pop of Tangelo – the future is fun!

The Apex Slim Sleeve is a leap forward in wallet design. The sleek storage of our iconic Slim Sleeve is reimagined with pre-molded, precision-cut leather, stitchless construction, and a precise magnetic closure.

6 - 8 cards, folded bills
Environmentally certified leather

Design Insight

To keep this wallet as slim as possible, we’ve joined the layers of leather using heat bonding, rather than bulky stitching.
The snappy magnetic closure keeps your stuff secure, helps maintain a slim silhouette and feels incredibly satisfying!
Pre-molded leather means you don’t need to break it in over time – it stays looking new for longer, and your cards fit perfectly from the get go.
• Easy access and slim storage are key design intentions; the ultra-thin pull tab for card access achieves both.

Dimensions 102 x 74 x 17mm

This wallet is crafted from premium, environmentally certified leather, sourced from gold-rated tanneries in the Netherlands.

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