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Alpha Neck: Proper Neck Pain Management

Alpha Neck: Proper Neck Pain Management

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Introducing Alpha Neck, the proper neck pain management made in Korea. Inspired by Thai, Shiatsu & Hot-Stone massage techniques, it combines thermal massage, acupressure points and cervical traction in one. To soothe your stiff muscles, it takes only 5 seconds to warm up and the heat can penetrate deeply through infrared technology within 10 minutes. Currently used by more than 6000 people around the world, produced in South Korea, quality assurance!


Dimensions: 220 x 90 x 100 mm
Weight: 300g
Materials: PC + ABS
Battery: 3,100 mAh
Main Functions: Acupressure & heating
3 Levels of HeatingLight - Medium- Strong

What You Get

How do I use the Alpha Neck?
To tackle neck pain, set the device down so that it looks like a U shape. To tackle back pain, set the device down so that it looks like an upside down U.

How do I control the temperature?
There are three different temperature levels. A yellow light indicates that the heat is at level 1 which is around 45 degrees Celsius. A blue light indicates that the heat is at level 2 which is around 50 degrees Celsius. A red light indicates that the heat is at level 3. Please adjust the temperature level according to your personal preference and tolerance.

What is the recommended usage time?
The Alpha Neck is preprogrammed to last for one 10 minute session and will turn off automatically afterwards. You may go for more or less depending on your personal preference and tolerance level.

How do I charge the Alpha Neck?
You can use the cable included in the package to charge the Alpha Neck.

How can I find out what the battery level is?
If the light blinks yellow there is 0~30% left. If the light blinks blue there is 30~60% power left. If the light blinks red there is 60~90% power left. If the light stays a solid red then it is at full charge.

How many sessions can I get out of one full charge?
You can use the Alpha Neck continuously for 3 hours before the battery runs out. Since 1 session is set at 10 minutes, you should be able to get 18 sessions out of one full charge.

What should I do if I experience pain after using the Alpha Neck?
Since the Alpha Neck is not a medical device, if you are diagnosed with a serious neck or back injury, we recommend consulting with your physician before using the Alpha Neck. If you experience more pain that normal after your first couple of sessions, try increasing the amount of time in between sessions.

With the infrared heat technology (Hot-Stone massage style), acupressure contact points (Shiatsu massage style), and traction techniques (Thai massage style), Alpha Neck takes neck relief in a way that no other single device does, by starting from the upper back and working its way up.

First, the infrared heat technology kicks in and distributes soothing heat deep into the inner layers of your stiff muscles to gently relax the underlying knots.

Then, the Alpha Neck uses your own body weight to gently press the targeted areas in the neck and back against the device’s acupressure points to begin muscle traction.

After 10 short minutes, you will feel revitalized and energized to start or finish off the day!

We used carbon composites as the designated material to act as the heat conductor due to the material's low density, high mechanical strength, high thermostability, and high thermal conductivity. We developed our heating technology to mimic these effects so that all that built up tension deep within your body can just melt away.

The areas with the most amount of muscle tension were released by the infrared heating provided by Alpha Neck. This is done comfortably in a non-invasive manner.

* The actual temperature can be differ from the temperature we have stated above.

• Turns off automatically after 10 minutes

Once you place the Alpha Neck on the neck-bed side and lie down on it, the natural weight of your head will press your neck down onto the acupressure contact lines to provide deep yet gentle stimulation to the cervical spine.

This technique was inspired by the shiatsu massage style, which is well known for using acupressure to target, stretch, and massage the upper back muscles. The contact lines help the thoracic portion of the vertebrae find its correct position to take pressure off of the neck.

Check out how the body reacts to the acupressure contact lines around the neck and upper back area. Not only will you feel how loose your muscles get after a ten-minute session with Alpha Neck, but you’ll even see the difference!

This is as close you’ll get to the feeling of being massaged by a top-tier masseuse without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

Whether it’s through the use of a smartphone, tablet, or computer, people in today’s world have developed habits that place a lot of burden on the neck. When positioned incorrectly, even gravity can have a negative effect.

This is why practically everyone you know has experienced some or a lot of soreness and stiffness around the neck and upper back area.

In order to reverse the negative effects that gravity can have on a body with poor posture, Alpha Neck uses traction techniques to stretch out the cervical and thoracic vertebrae to release tension and untie knots.

Bytargeting the upper back section along with the neck area, the root problem is taken care of properly so that you can experience full relaxation for considerably longer periods of time.

• Alpha Neck: Gives you a natural c-curve stretching without straining the cervical and thoracic vertebrae.
• Foam Rollers: Places excess pressure on the spine which prevents it from gently holding the correct c-curve position.

The cervical and thoracic vertebrae can be quite delicate which means you need specialized skills to properly carry out a traction massage on those areas. Developed jointly by a team consisting of physical therapists, licensed doctors, and pilates/yoga experts, Alpha Neck has been fine-tuned so that you are empowered to take care of your own body.

We have found that users that fall in the range of 5’0” - 6’6” and weigh no more than 300 lbs have experienced the most benefits from using the Alpha Neck.

Unlike those bulky turtle neck braces or kneading massagers you see online or in stores, Alpha Neck is drastically more compact and light which makes it convenient to store and take anywhere with you. We’ve also intentionally given it a clean form factor so that it doesn’t look out of place in any setting.

• Can be held with one hand and fits easily in a bag so that you can take it to your home, the office, the gym, your yoga studio, any vehicle, a plane, a train, and any other place you might want to take it to.
• It can even be used when you’re sitting upright like a travel neck pillow.

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