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Able Carry

Able Cooler - The Thermal Pack

Able Cooler - The Thermal Pack

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Designed for casual outings to the beach or the woods, this insulated pouch will keep your drinks chilled* – or warm – for hours. The Cooler fits perfectly into any Able Carry backpack, or carried as a sling with the carry strap.

So load up your favourite drinks, slap on some sunscreen and we'll see you out there 😎

*Add an icepack for best cold performance.

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The Thermal Pack

What started as a summer studio project is now part of our teams essential accessory. The Cooler is part pouch, part sling, and part portable insulator – handy in so many ways, even beyond drinks. Our favorite part is how it works with any backpack in the range. Hope you'll enjoy it too.

Meet the Able Cooler

Made with a water resistant X-Pac shell, insulating foam padding, and a food-grade reflective foil, the Able Cooler will keep your drinks cool – or hot – for hours. Carry it in any Able Carry backpack, or standalone with a carry strap.

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