Printoss - Battery-less Instafilm Printer

Printoss - Battery-less Instafilm Printer

Now you can print your Polaroid Photo anywhere you want!

The Printoss Instant Printer is like a copy machine to print your phone screen! 

Just place your phone on the device within the frame and press the shutter at the bottom of the printer. Turn the handle to roll out a Polaroid-style Instafilm of the photo or image on your phone screen. There is no app or connection required between your phone and the Printoss, it doesn't require any battery to function too!

Printoss is a fast and simple solution to the desire to share physical copies of our snapshots!

1. Unfold the Printoss

2. Put your phone on the glass frame (turn your brightness to max)

3. Click the shutter and roll it out!

*Designed and Made in Japan

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may i know how selling price and if order what is the lead time to wait? “printoss”

Kenny Hoo

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