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Lanmodo Auto Car Tent

Are you tired of manual car covers that are complicated and waste time? Lanmodo car tent is easy to install with one-touch wireless remote. Automatically fold and unfold with a remote control, its open process takes 8 seconds and the total installation process only takes 30 seconds. Designed with a folding structure, it is portable to make sure you can use it everywhere when you park your car.

Lanmodo Semi-Auto Car Tent

Lanmodo semi-auto car tent is quite simple to use. Just a gentle outward pull of the tent arm, the car tent canopy will be deployed in 4 seconds. You only need 30 seconds to finish the whole installation process. With foldable programming, Lanmodo car tent can be put in your car trunk easily, then it can be used in everywhere and anytime when you need a car parking shade.

Multiple Protection From All Elements

  • Protect your car from falling objects, snow and hail
  • Cover vehicle from bird droppings, dust, acid rain, leaves etc.
  • Withstand strong wind up to 30 mph

Best Car Sunshade to Low Down Car Temperature

  • Cool down your car temperatures up to 36 degrees in hot weather
  • A portable tent provide shade for your car anywhere when parked
  • Soft suction cup to avoid causing scratches
  • Secured by remote control system and uncuttable anti-theft belt

Available for All Cars

  • Apply to all vehicles such as Sedan, Pickup, SUV, Jeep, Mini, even 4 wheel beach vehicle, etc.
  • Easy to use anywhere

Transform into An Auto Beach Umbrella

Fit with an additional camping stand, it can be used as beach umbrella & yard umbrella.

  • Portable and convenient
  • Charging your device with USB port
  • Windproof level up to 29 MPH

Go Fishing with Lanmodo

  • Best sunshade for fishing in hot daytime
  • Enjoying night fishing with LED light plugged into the USB port

Convert to A LED Camping Tent

Based on beach umbrella, install with extra umbrella clothes, you can get a "house" easily.

  • Comfortable for outdoor activities
  • Good enclosed "house" for family camping
  • Easy to set up and pack

Outdoor Party with Family

  • Big enough for up to 7 people
  • Turn into a party tent with colorful LED lights

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