This is not a Vape ! Get healthy by smoking Vitamin Air !

This is not a Vape ! Get healthy by smoking Vitamin Air !

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Vaping and smoking cigarette or tobacco has harmful impacts on your lungs due to the amount of nicotine you have inhaled. Even second-hand smokers are harmful too! Yes, we often hear that being addicted and quitting is so hard and requires lots of discipline. Well maybe, this one will be a good option to switch for. Sparq’s Vitamin Air is an inhaler that has organic flavouring inside.

Developed by New York based wellness company, dream to replace nicotine and harmful chemicals with lab-tested vitamins, amino acids and botanicals. Founders was to develop in hope to “reimagine the future of inhalation”. “We hope our customers use Vitamin Air to create healthier habits, be it decreasing stress or getting off nicotine,” Kwitel said. “Our goal has always been to remove the stigma surrounding inhalation by offering an ethically-made device that is nicotine-free and wellness-inspired.”


You can now breathe in your supplements with the Sparq Vitamin Air Eco-friendly Vitamin Inhalation Device. It is a device that allows you to breathe in vitamins, botanicals and amino acids that we usually intake in the form of food or medicine. There are three blends such as Fuel, Melt and Pure. All blends come in two natural flavours like strawberry and vanilla. Vitamin air is a health focused inhalation device that allow you to instil this good habit. The device comprised of recyclable word, stainless steel and biodegradable components which minimizes negative environmental impact meanwhile promotes positive behavioural shifts that might improve your well-being as well!


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