DUSK - Gradient clock face that changes shades as time goes by

Inspired by the simplicity of Mother Nature, the Dusk minimalists timeless clock is designed without numbers to bring an instance of monochromatic aesthetics. We can ‘feel the time’ throughout the day while Dusk’s looping from dark to transparent as the sun rises and 'feel the sky brightness’ in the room which is particularly useful in windowless rooms.


‘Beauty is linked to harmony’ is the logic behind this design. By getting rid of any unimportant elements, the clock is reduced to its basic form. It perfectly combines the essence of nature and art into the cycle of time. And being consistent with the changes of the sky makes the variation more natural.


The dimension of Dusk is bound to the Golden Ratio. So common throughout nature’s form – ferns, flowers, seashells – the harmony of the Golden Ratio arises from its unique capacity to connect individual parts of a whole so that each retains its own identity and yet blends into the greater pattern of a single whole.

Source: www.kickstarter.com/projects/389140893/dusk-a-clock-that-frames-the-sky

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