CupCooler |Instant| - the beverage cooling gadget that keeps your drink cold till the last sip!

Having a nice refreshing glass of something cold to sit back and relax drink on a hot, lazy day can be the best thing for you for immediate heat relief. While certain drinks may have certain recommended serving temperatures to maintain it’s serving temperature.

The sad truth is that we always forget our chilled drink that’s on the desk where we have not enjoyed the sensation of a sip of perfection. Introducing the CupCooler |Instant|, a smart device that cools down and keeps your drink cold till the last sip!





Ice cubes dilute the flavor of your drink. With the help of CupCooler, no more ice cubes are needed! This portable CupCooler can keeps your drink cold till the last sip the entire time in just 60 seconds which you could have no rush to finish your drink.

‘I always forget my cold drink, and don’t enjoy it as much when it gets back to room temperature. Most of the time, i don’t drink it anymore and that’s a waste. That’s why I designed CupCooler |Instant| to solve the problem’ - Howar Geng, designer of CupCooler |Instant|.



Requiring no pre-preparation at all, the CupCooler is 6X faster than the fridge in cooling your drink. Just plug into your wall socket and wait 60 seconds for the surface plate to cool down to -18℃ (-0.4℉), this will make your drink (300 mL/ 10.14 fl oz) to cool down from 25℃ (77 ºF) to 15℃ (59ºF) in 10 minutes or to 10℃ (50ºF) in 30 minutes.

No complicated preparation needed. Compatible with most of the soft drink cans and beer bottles in the market. Simply plug it in, put your beverage on the device, and it turns it into a satisfying cold drink!

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