Tic travel bottle, which is designed to be convenient, and classic, elegantly transforms the idea of storage for your skin care and body liquids into a smart solution. It is perfectly designed for people who love to travel to store the skin care and body liquids all in one place.

The compact design consists of few removable tubes that form a user-friendly travel dispenser. The outer case comes with a sleeve, when you pull up, it becomes your dispensing area. Just place your hand in the cavity, and you can easily dispense your shampoo or conditioner (we do not recommend to use thick form liquid in the tube container).

Travel is convenient with Tic travel bottle in hand, this ‘bottle’ is designed to hold all your skin care products in a spill-proof container that even doubles as a dispenser. You can choose between Shower and Skin variants of Tic, or even pick both.

In addition, each individual bottle even comes with measurement markings, giving you an exact idea of how much liquid you’re carrying, so you will never get stuck at the airport security clearance or worry about the leakage over your personal belonging.

Enjoy a hassle-free travel with Tic travel bottle in hand, grab it now at https://www.storminggravity.com/products/tic-travel-bottle

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