An RM400 Storming Gravity e-Gift Card Awaits You!

Already have a credit card? There are great benefits to applying for another:
  • Cashback, bonus points or travel miles - get the one’s you don’t have yet!
  • Source of emergency credit
  • Improve credit utilization ratio
  • Unique discounts and deals
  • Installment payment options

For more information on the benefits of credit cards, read the article here at 

This is a partnership campaign organized by Storming Gravity and (part of Hyphen Group). is Malaysia’s go-to personal finance platform, empowering over 8 million Malaysians in the past 5 years, to build healthier financial lives. They provide a free, independent and convenient online comparison tool for finding, comparing and applying for credit cards and personal loans.


Click here to Apply Standard Chartered Credit Card!
Click here to Apply Citi Credit Card!
Click here to Apply HSBC Credit Card!

*You must be a new customer to bank, you will get the gift card once your card is approved or when hitting the minimum spend requirement, TnC apply.

Citibank TnC
Standard Chartered TnC

Enquiry related to the application, please reach out to +6012-3850211

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